Right2Respect website

Right2Respect (R2R) asked me to design a logo and and website, and to roll out graphics for social media sites and marketing. The client wanted an clean, flexible, bilingual site that would be easy to use and manage. I proposed a WordPress theme with minor customisations and visuals tailored to R2R.

Throughout the project I provided guidance on domain registration, content development, language translation tools, search-engine optimization (SEO) and site analytics.

I also performed:

  • template research and installation
  • theme modification and visual content design
  • icon and logotype design
  • photo research and editing
  • an html email announcement on site launch

Project Challenge

The challenge was to find royalty free images that convey hope and dignity in the context of the theme of human rights in a non-literal, or politicized, manner. People in the images should look natural, with a preference for Latin American, Caribbean and Indigenous cultures. Match the images to key homepage text, on a limited budget.

The Solution

I targeted royalty free stock agencies, corporate and NGO image banks and online photo pools on Flickr to find likely images. Hundreds of images were collected and rated while maintaining a keen eye for the heart of R2R’s work: respect for human rights and corporate social responsibility in the extractive industry. Photos were narrowed down to a handful of images that fit the message and budget, and shown to the client in website mock-ups to demonstrate the images in context.

I brings a background in editorial design and visual storytelling to the website design process. To find out more about my approach and experience, please get in touch, I’d be happy to chat.

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